The Devereaux Chronicles are supernatural thrillers. There are currently five books  in the series and the most recent,  Devil's Jubilee, has a release date of 10/13/2020.

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“I totally love the Devereaux Chronicles and this (Devil’s Gathering) is by far the best so far. The characters are well written and the pacing of the storyline is absolutely suberb.” Kelly Dewis

The supernatural adventures of the Devereaux brothers are now available together for the first time.

Join Scott and Tim as they take on all things paranormal and even manage to find time for a little romance along the way.    _______________________________

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                DEVIL'S JUBILEE
When the devil comes calling, will you recognize him?
That’s the question the Devereaux brothers have to answer while hunting a shape-shifter.  Trying to work out family issues during the Christmas holidays they find themselves under attack by a creature that can change at a whim and become something, or someone, totally unexpected.
When Tim rescues a woman from its clutches, they all soon learn that the shifter will stop at nothing to reclaim her.
When Tim rescues a woman from its clutches, they all soon learn that the shifter will stop at nothing to reclaim her.
Will they be able to keep her safe from the shifter or is she an even greater danger to them? Can they rise above their differences in order to find the answers they need in time to save the family? And, if so, will those answers help the brothers restore their relationship or rend it completely?_____________________________


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                                                      DEVIL'S BAIT

In this first book of the Devereaux Chronicles, we meet Emma Draper, whose life is about to change in every way imaginable.

Moving with her husband and children to a new home is just the beginning. The supernatural occurrences in the old house begin on the very first day, but the reality of the situation takes time for Emma to understand and accept.

Her sanity is challenged when she cannot convince her husband that these eerie happenings are actually taking place and Emma even begins to doubt them herself, until the danger becomes very real and her children’s lives are now at stake.

Emma’s love and loyalty are tested as her relationship with her husband continues to disintegrate and she is left to handle the dangerous situation on her own.

Even more trouble comes her way when two brothers arrive to help her get rid of the dangerous entities that have taken over her home.

Emma must find the courage and resolve within herself to join them as they do battle with the ghosts and demons.

But, if they succeed in surviving the evil residing in the house and are able to make it safe once again, will Emma be able to disregard the feelings she now has for one of the brothers and put her children first, giving up her own happiness in return?

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The suspense and adventure continue in this second book of the Devereaux Chronicles. This time, the brothers find themselves stranded at a rustic ski lodge just as an epic snowstorm hits.

That situation works out perfectly for Scott, who is trying to reconnect with an old flame. But he soon realizes that there is little time for romance when their chances of even surviving the storm are dwindling rapidly.

A mysterious bootlegger is operating out of the lodge and wants the brothers out of his way, permanently. And while trying to learn his identity before that can happen, their true nemesis arrives.

Bigfoot, a beast that is stronger, smarter and more dangerous than any they’ve dealt with before. And this time its personal and the creature will not stop hunting the Devereaux brothers until it gets its retribution.

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   This third book in the Devereaux Chronicles involves more danger and intrigue than they’ve had to take on to date.
   The brothers know that there is always bound to be trouble when a large group of supernatural hunters get together for their annual Gathering, but they have no way of anticipating the extent of adversity waiting for them.
   The Gathering is supposed to be a time to catch up with old friends and say good-bye to fallen comrades. But this year is different, with some of the attendees harboring an animosity which borders on hatred. In addition, the mysterious black ghost dog has made an appearance.
   The creature has set its sights on several specific individuals, including Scott Devereaux. One by one, the hunters that see the black dog have misfortune fall on them, whether through serious, sometimes deadly, accidents or obscure illnesses.
   Those that are unafflicted find themselves racing against time to try and figure out who is controlling the hellhound but, even if they succeed, will they be able to stop the culprit before it’s too late for Scott and the other hunters?  

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                                       DEVIL'S VEIL

   Evil has pierced the veil between the living and the dead once again in this next installment of the Devereaux Chronicles.
   Shelly Draper and her friends have no inkling of the danger that they are exposing themselves to when they foolishly hold a séance in the hall of mirrors of an abandoned amusement park, but they find out soon enough when those spirits follow them home.
   Scott and Tim Devereaux will have to identify the type of entities that came through before they can send them back to hell and they begin their investigation by looking into the grisly deaths that closed down the park decades before.
   However, someone wants to keep those secrets buried and is willing to do whatever they have to in order to prevent the Devereaux brothers from exposing the truth. 
   Other dangers are lurking even closer to home when a long-forgotten acquaintance returns and is looking for revenge. Scott and Tim’s new nemesis has only one objective, which is to make their lives a hell on earth and finds the best way to accomplish that is by terrorizing Scott’s new wife, Emma.
   Torn between the mindless evil that has crossed over into their world and the vile intentions of their fellow human beings, will Scott and Tim manage to be in the right place at the right time in order to protect their family and friends?
   Or will someone have to be sacrificed so that the others can be saved?