Debbie Boek


I currently live in upstate New York with my two Norwich Terriers, Hootie and Hokie. The name of the demon in Devil’s Bait is Eitooheikoh, which is hokie hootie spelled backwards, just a little shout out to my girls.

I recently completed Devil's Retribution, the second book in the Devereaux Chronicles series. I'm hoping to get the next adventure out in a little less time than it took to do this one, hopefully in early 2019. I haven't quite decided on what creature will be featured in it, but I'm leaning towards a chupacabra. I'll keep you posted on that as the story develops.

I've always been an avid reader and when I was younger I read mostly romance novels, which I imagine is why my first two books were historical romances. One of the biggest influences for me back then was Kathleen Woodiwiss, she wrote great historical romances and memorable characters. Two of my favorite books of hers were Shanna and Ashes in The Wind and I still have them both. She is no longer with us, but her stories are timeless and you can still get them through Amazon.  

And, because I appreciate truly great writing, Stephen King is also one of my favorites. He has a way of describing a scene or a person that makes it so real that I actually expected to see people walking around with symptoms of Captain Trips, when I was reading The Stand. And when I read Salem's Lot, the first time, it was at least a week or two before I would go outdoors at night by myself.

The last big influence on me, as far as a reader and a writer, is Diana Gabaldon. She completely captivated me with Outlander and the entire Outlander series. Her books combine all of the elements that I enjoy reading and, I've not only developed a bond with her characters, but also a passion for anything Scottish. I do intend to experience Scotland in the very near future and am very excited about that.