Devil's Bait was published in July 2017. It is currently available on amazon.com as a paperback or on Kindle.

Nothing could have prepared Emma Draper for the events that started to occur almost as soon as she and her family moved into their new home. Her sanity is challenged when she begins to experience a series of supernatural occurrences. Then, her love and loyalty are tested, as her relationship with her husband continues to disintegrate and she is left to handle the dangerous situation on her own. But, the real trouble begins when two brothers arrive to help her get rid of the dangerous entities that have taken over her home.

Emma must find the courage and resolve within herself to join them as they do battle with the ghosts and demons. But, if they succeed in making the house safe for her children once again, will she be able to disregard the feelings she now has for one of the brothers and put her children first, giving up her own happiness in return?