Welcome to my website. I'm pleased to say that the boys are back in Devil's Gathering, the third book of the Devereaux Chronicles, which is now available at I hope you'll check it out.

I had a lot of fun writing it and would love to hear any comments you might have about it or any of my books.


I recently made some big changes in my life and quit my job in order to spend more time writing novels and, hopefully, figuring out how to sell them.

You can check out my post, Leap of Faith, at, which explains a little bit more about that.

Or you can check out my most recent blog, Griffin vs Manticore, it is more mythological as opposed to cryptid-related like some of my others, but it explains the Coat of Arms for Calder Wyndym, the knight from my 2005 novel, If Not For The Knight.


Speaking of If Not For The Knight, I've had a few requests for a sequel and that is what I am currently working on. It's been gratifying to reacquaint myself with those characters and continue their stories.

I've been learning a great deal about medieval times and how people lived their lives back then. My challenge with this book is to make sure the story itself is interesting and fast-paced, yet still be able to describe enough detail so people can actually become a part of that world while they are reading.

I do love a good challenge and think you'll enjoy the finished product.  


You can find out more about If Not For The Knight, as well as all of my other novels, under the Books tab. Whether you like supernatural suspense or historical romance, I think you'll be able to find something that will entertain you.


For the entire year of 2019, I'll be a part of the Author's competition sponsored by Jason E. Foss called  "THE HOURGLASS ELITE AUTHOR 2019 TOURNAMENT" 

To win the tournament I will need show proof of 100 of my books being sold. It can be any of my books so, if you decide to purchase one, please either email me through my Contact page or send me a message through Facebook or Twitter with the following:




I'm excited and hope to have a lot of fun with this. Please check out Jason's Blog, he has some interesting interviews with various authors, including me, which you can find here.


 I would welcome any comments that you might have, so please feel free to email me through my Contact page.                                                 

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