A romantic medieval adventure where two worlds
                          collide and no one escapes unscathed or unchanged.

                      NEW RELEASE - WINTER'S KNIGHT  

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In this third installment of the Knights Are Forever series, romance, danger and drama are once again on the horizon for the Wyndym family.

Beorn Wyndym is more than ready to don his armour and pick up his broadsword once again, this time to help protect the Pope from King Henry V. Taking on his enemies, barely surviving a brutal winter storm while crossing the English channel, facing treachery and death at every turn, Beorn is up for whatever challenge is thrown his way.

Until that challenge comes in the form of a beautiful gypsy that completely enchants and captivates him. Struggling to deny his feelings for her, Beorn finds himself fighting a losing battle where she is concerned. If he survives his adversaries, will Beorn have the courage to let the spirited gypsy into his heart?

Or will he turn her away and settle for a life that is as barren and bleak as the winter landscape that surrounds them?



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